IT’S DANGEROUS - Debut album FLiNK

It is almost 2021 and FLiNK releases a remastered version of their 2019 release IT’S DANGEROUS. In this version all intricacies of the group playing together are better preserved and more attention to detail is heard. It feels FRESH again!

The album is a fifty-minute musical trip with a No-Nonsense Rotterdam feel. Influenced by Jazz and Pop music alike, an incredible driving rhythm section with drummer SATINDRA KALPOE and bass player ROBIN KOERTS supports turn-tablist ENI-LESS and the trumpet of ARTHUR FLINK. 

IT’S DANGEROUS is released on the well respected Dutch label, Social Beats. All ten songs have been recorded at the Social Beats Studio as well as produced and mixed by Phil Martin/Arthur Flink. All tracks were recorded directly to tape to capture all intricacies of the group as they play. 

This record will be released on all known digital platforms and a limited edition Vinyl is released.

We value your support and are curious to hear what you think of this new release!

Artist: FLiNK

Title: It’s Dangerous Remastered

Label: Social Beats



Arthur Flink: trumpet/keys 

Satindra Kalpoe: drums 

Robin Koerts: bass 

Enio Ramalho: turntables 

recorded@ Social Beats Studio 

recorded & mixed & produced by: Phil Martin & Arthur Flink 

mastering: Hay Zeelen 

Cover design: NOTDEF [Sibe Kokke] 

Released on SOCIAL BEATS 


All pictures on this site are made by Wijnand Schouten.

All music on this website is copyrighted and owned by FLiNK. No reproduction without permission.

FLiNK is based in the Netherlands.